About us


The success history of the exempt private company is only eight years old.


But already today Gottfried Benick employs 19 coworkers and

 maintains 16 modern equipped double trains.


 To the customer master internationally active companies belong such as Dupont,

 the Abred-Group or Volvo.


 International is altho the enterprise adjustment :

 All days whe have routes to Northern Germany as well as Scandinavia.


We are a high performance and reliable company with motivated coworkers. 


We offer a broad spectrum at transportation and logistics solutions to our customers.


Our vehicle park covers 16 double trains, 3 luggage hanging courses as well as 2 vehicles for express travels.


Scandinavia is our daily goal.



Our coworkers


We arrange not only the technical abilities, which you need you for the job, in order to be successful, but also a social authority.

Teamwork and productive handling, colleague working is therefore important.


We search to carry out constantly new coworkers, who are courageously, engaged and innovative, around our ambitious goals and our young and dynamic team.



Forwarding business

Im Breitfeld 6
D-54675 Kruchten


Robert Bosch Str. 3
D-54634 Bitburg



Tel: +49 6561 9482870-0

Fax: +49 6561 9482870-33




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